Drama Centre in Sifnos

dramacentre1The Drama Centre of Panteion University participated in the European project “Sifnos Crisis Theatre” from 2nd to 15th of July.
The project’s aim was to highlight the essence of the economic and broader cultural crisis and develop the potential that it creates for theatrical activities.
The nine European countries involved (Greece, England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, France, Portugal and Iceland) tried to highlight the specific characteristics of acting of their own country, through discussions and workshops. This helped them seeking the concept of crisis, through all forms of culture.
At a time like this, when European Union is experiencing perhaps the greatest crisis, since its creation, seems a bit romantic and wasteful for nine theatre groups discussing about the crisis and theatre –or even worse the crisis in the theatre- in the idyllic setting of a Greek island.
The greatest revolutionary action one can make in such a crisis is to continue to work properly, adaptive and creatively affected by the economic and social environment, especially when it comes to the theater, where it cannot exist unaffected by the sociopolitical data.
Drama Centre’s participation in Sifnos Crisis Theatre project enhances the position of the university in society and dissolves the stereotypes that present an inert Greek university towards the wider social, economic, political and cultural crisis.
The rehearsals and workshops led to a final performance from each troupe, presented at the Cultural Center of Sifnos, where the program’s works were hosted.
dramacentreThe Greek performance was based on the “Dervish in Decline” written by Alexandros Papadiamantis in 1896. The author denounces the racism towards the stranger, as he appears over time in the hypocritical societies, while highlights the universal nature of culture, religion and authenticity.
Dionisis Christopoulos

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