Drama Centre – Sifnos Crisis

June 2013: people from seven European countries began their actions in Sifnos, within the European program Youth in Action “Sifnos Crisis”. Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal (with two different troupes), France (lead country of the program), Iceland, Germany, Sweden and England have joined their theatrical forces and opinions, in order to highlight the essence of the cultural, economic and political crisis.
In detail
Greece was represented by the Drama Centre of Panteion University (Department of Communication and Culture), the lead country (France) by the theatre group “La Transplanisphere, Italy by “Teatro Internazionale”, Portugal by the troupes “Ex Quorum” and “Visoes Uteis Theatre Company”, Germany by the “Bildung und Integrazion”, Sweden by “Teater Maskinen”, Iceland by the cinematic and theatrical organization “Vera-Liv Film”, Spain by the “Ortzai Theatre Laboratory, Vitoria Gasteiz” and England by the group “Act up”.
The Municipality of Sifnos embraced Drama Centre’s initiative for the program to be held in Greece and hosted sixty five European theatre people from 2nd to 14th of July. The project activities included the groups’ rehearsals, joint theatre workshops and substantive discussions on the crisis issues. All these artistic works were hosted at the Sifnos’ Cultural Centre “Marianthe Simos” and municipality’s schools.
In addition, there were given ancient drama seminars, by the Emeritus Professor at Panteion University and Deputy Director of the Drama Centre, Mr. Yangos Andreadis, as well as lectures on the analysis of ancient tragedy –which was the base of both the Spanish and German performance. It is worth mentioning, the lecture by the distinguished theater critic Leandros Polenakis, on the dramaturgical issues of Aeschylus’ “Oresteia”.
At the program’s closure, the theatre groups gave their final performances. The Drama Centre presented the play “Dervish in Decline” by Alexandros Papadiamantis -a text with clear references to the issue of cultural and religious identity, immigration and racism-, copyedited and directed by Yangos Andreadis and performed by Panteion University’s students and graduates.
Yannis Metzikof’s Stage Costumes Exhibition
Alongside the works of Sifnos Crisis project, the Cultural Center “Athinais”, in collaboration with the Drama Centre and the Municipality of Sifnos, organized the exhibition of Yannis Metzikof’s stage costumes, which was presented at the Cultural Center of Sifnos. The exhibition also included an original costume, created by the Academy Award-winner costume designer Deni Vachlioti, from the legendary film “Alexis Zorbas”, as well as a poster signed by the director Michael Cacoyannis himself.

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