Drama Centre at Epidaurus

Throwing quotes about the crisis and those responsible for it, has become a commonplace for many performances and statements of theatre people in the press. Approaching the crisis theatrically, beyond the anathema and slogans, is as important as it is difficult. It was precisely this effort that caused the collaboration of seven theatres from different European countries, within the European program “World Crisis Theatre” (WCT), in which the Drama Centre (DC) of the Panteion University (Department of Communication and Culture) is also a participant.

This program, which is headed by the French “La Transplanisphere”, specializes in transnational and intercultural productions. Along with the Drama Centre participate: Teater Maskinen (Sweden), Teatro Internazionale (Italy), Ex Quorum (Portugal), Bildung und Integrazion (Germany) and Vera-Liv Film (Iceland).

During the continuous electronic, several face to face meetings and discussions and joint theatre workshops, our foreign partners, acknowledging the country’s difficult circumstances, decided to begin their actions for this year from Greece, giving their premieres in the small Theatre of Epidaurus.

The actions of the WCT’s festival are under the auspices of the Greek Festival and the small Theatre of Epidaurus has been granted by the Ministry of Culture for three nights of performances (23, 24 and 25th of August).

Besides the Drama Centre, which has already begun the preparations of the production “Cyclops’ Survival”, –an adaptation of Euripides’ satirical drama into a political musical- there will be four more premieres in Epidaurus: the “Esposti a tutto” by the Italian troupe, the Portuguese play “La Respuesta”, “The Power of Yes” by the French troupe and the German performance “How to become more German”.

The major cause of Drama Centre’s participation in the WCT program is Centre’s wide spectrum of performances: from ancient drama to ancient works’ (Oedipus Rex, Agamemnon etc.) adaptations into political musicals. The production of “Cyclops’ Survival” develops this tactic and, hopefully, will expand the transnational partnerships, contributing to the expansion of the theatrical audience.

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