“Cyclops Survival” at the Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus

Center for Classical Drama and Spectacle of Panteion University participates in the European program “World Crisis Theatre” and contributes in its presence at Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus from 23 to 25 August (schedule of performances here) with the performance “Cyclops Survival”.
All these years, Center for Classical Drama and Spectacle of Panteion University, has been experimenting in staging performances in two ways: firstly, with classic performances which were carried around Greece and Europe from Thrace and Cyprus to Cadiz and Lisbon, and secondly, with performances that carried the message of tragedy through forms of political musical.
In this second category belongs the political musical Cyclops Survival. It is a Brecht’s type adaptation of the satirical drama “Cyclops” by Euripides. Its theme is about cannibalism, not only literally, but especially about the political and social implications of cannibalism, as we experience it in the gloom of the current crisis. Within this logic, the actors of the play sometimes are transformed into mythical creatures and sometimes in today’s struggling and suffering people.
The performance will be held on August 23 at the Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus at 22:00

Text / Direction: Yangos Andreadis
Music: Nikos Athanasakis
Choreography: Fanis Kafoussias
Sets: Stavros Bonatsos
Costumes: Angie Karatza
Percussion instruments: Nikos Touliatos
Video: Dimitris Nakos
Assistant Director: Costas Mitrakas

Cast (alphabetical order):
Christos Efthymiou (Silenos)
Giorgos Morogiannis (Cyclops)
Mania Papadimitriou (Anchorwoman / Athena)
Kimon Rigopoulos (Ulysses)
Satyrs Chorus (alphabetical order):
Evaggelia Demetriou
Theodora Evgenaki

Marilia Mersiniadi
Costas Mitrakas
Elias Papaconstantinou
Eirini Polydorou
Nikos Tournakis
Dimitris Tsikouras
Dionisis Christopoulos

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