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“Cyclops Survival” at the Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus

Center for Classical Drama and Spectacle of Panteion University participates in the European program “World Crisis Theatre” and contributes in its presence at Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus from 23 to 25 August (schedule of performances here) with the performance … Continue reading

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WCT: Theatre Festival at Epidaurus

The European program CULTURE “World Crisis Theatre” includes groups engaged in the performing arts coming from five EU countries: France, Germany, Greece, Italy and Portugal. The purpose of the program is the presentation of social phenomena and human behavior issues … Continue reading

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Drama Centre at Epidaurus

Throwing quotes about the crisis and those responsible for it, has become a commonplace for many performances and statements of theatre people in the press. Approaching the crisis theatrically, beyond the anathema and slogans, is as important as it is … Continue reading

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Drama Centre – Sifnos Crisis

June 2013: people from seven European countries began their actions in Sifnos, within the European program Youth in Action “Sifnos Crisis”. Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal (with two different troupes), France (lead country of the program), Iceland, Germany, Sweden and England … Continue reading

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Drama Centre in Sifnos

The Drama Centre of Panteion University participated in the European project “Sifnos Crisis Theatre” from 2nd to 15th of July. The project’s aim was to highlight the essence of the economic and broader cultural crisis and develop the potential that … Continue reading

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Theatre and crisis: Reshape the theatrical imaginary from beneath

All those despising theatre and culture, no matter whether they pretend to suffer them politely, declare that, in case one is looking for serious solutions concerning the crisis that is ravaging our continent, he has to seek elsewhere: towards the … Continue reading

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