Don Quijote

The students and the professors of the Centre of Classical Drama and Show worked on Cervantes’ theatre piece “Don Quijote” for a year and familiarised with the various genres that are inspired by Cervantes’ work. The result was a show which combined the staging of segments of the top theatre piece of Spanish literature with the use of masks, music, elements of flamenco and video projection. Co-organizer of the show was the Cervantes Institute with the direction and editing of the professor Yiangos Andreadis, Head of the Department of Communication, Media and Culture of Panteion University. Training of mask-making: Stavros Bonatsos, trainingof shadow puppet theatre: Giannaros (Yiannis Mourelatos), training of flamenco: Natassa Deka. Performers that participated: Katerina Galani, Penelope Gourdea,Elina Linoxylaki,Constantinos Mitrakas, Anastasia Mitrogogou, Spyros-Alexandros Moutzouridis, Katerina Mpousdoukou, Evangelia Pappa, Antonis Andronikakis, Anastasia Gkara. Shows: in March 2004 at Ledra studio.

Cavafy, 10 Lepsius Street


The poet’s house is transferred from Alexandria and coming to life for five shows in Ledra Studio in a performance entitled Cavafy, 10 Lepsius Street. The performance produced by the Centre of Classical Show and Drama (KEDRA) in text and direction by Yangos Andreadis. Music by George Papadakis and Evi Kesari and choreography by Christina Vasilopoulou and Irine Karamanoli.


The script is a collage of poems and dramatisation of biographical anecdotes from the poet’s life and his familiars. After the death of C. P. Cavafy his valet becomes the narrator who recalls in his memory incidents and figures from a time past, while the action takes place in successive eras. By the end of the show Cavafy’s verses are recited in ten different languages, as an answer to all who impugned him during his lifetime.

The cast was comprised by the student-actors of the Department of Communication, Media and Culture, Panteion University. The show was presented from the 27th until the 31st of May 2006 in Ledra Studio.


Cast: Polina Gourdea, Alice Darzentas, Irine Karamanoli, Yannis Karpetas, Kelly Kiki, Georgina Konsta, Elina Linoxylaki, Evita Lykou, Loukianos Lyritsas, Costas Mitrakas, Alexandros Moutzouridis, Fivos Nomikos, Lia Pappa, Iouliana Ronto, Kyriaki Triperina.

Guitar: Eva Kesari.

Public Relations: Zoe Gioti and Alice Therapou.

Oh my murderer (Ach dolofone mou)

Set in a dreamtown in the 60’s. A series of murders has caused trouble in town. Eddy( it has the same pronunciation like the first component of the name Oedipus, Oedi-pus) is an ambitious journalist who is trying to trace the murderer that might be himself. Or at least this is what alluring Joshy and the dark voodoo priestess Mama Jemaya are afraid of. The media manager Laius and the corrupted inspector Kraions have a different opinion while Dark Angel, who wants to control drugs, prostitution and gambling, doesn’t reveal what she thinks about the case. And we definitely can’t rely on what Sibylla and Pythia, two charming and determined anchorwomen of two competitive tv channels, believe . Later on more characters join in, like the journalist of the tabloid newspaper “The Dagger”, Puertoricans loyal to Mama Sphinx, cops, informers and the female dancers who will perform “Destiny” and “Don’t kill me”, two of the most popular tunes in town. Is the play about an unknown American town called “Dreamtown” or is it about the city of Athens of 2003? The answer was found by the audience when this musical show ( which is related tothe original ancient play “Oedipus Rex”) was presented for the first time by the Centre of Classical Drama and Show at Ledra studio. The script and the direction of the show were conducted by the Head of the Centre Dr. Yiagos Andreadis, music by Stamatis Moustakas, set design by Stavros Bonatsos, costume design by Angie Karatza, movement by Fanis Kafousias, light design by Demos Abdeliotis and Dimitris Margaritis. The shows lasted from Saturday, 9 of June 2003 until Thursday , 14 of June 2007 and they were presented again in October 2007.

Burn it all (Kafta ola)
Political Cabaret for the fires of Greece in 2007

What is the relationship between Aeschylus and the Political Cabaret, between the texts of the Apocalypse and the modern Greek trash pop songs, between the fires- that literally wiped off the Greek forests in summer 2007- and Ledra studio? The Centre was inspired by the famous tragedy Agamemnon of Aeschylus; in that tragedy the message of the victory of Agamemnon at the Troyan war was sent from Troy at Asia Minor to Mycenae at the mainland of Greece using the network of bonfires which were set on mountain peaks. The centre drew inspiration from that in order to denounce the acts of arson and created a musical- dancing show which was presented, after six months of rehearsals, at Ledra. The show was presented at a time when the Centre celebrated fifteen years of activities. The title of the show was “Burn it all”(Ola kafta), directed by Yiagos Andreadis and the texts were formed on stage with everyone’s participation…
Shows: From Wednesday 28 of May until Tuesday 3 of June 2008 and they were repeated in October
Direction: Y. Andreadis, Choreography: F. Kafousias, Music: Ch. And G. Giannakopoylos, M. Belentzas, Light Design: D. Margaritis, Costume Design: A. Karatza, Video: K. Triantafyllou. Assistant Director: J. Konsta, Stage Management: K. Mitrakas, Communication: D. Grigorea, Z. Gioti
Performers: P. Gourdea, K. Mitrakas, A. Eystratoglou, P. Papanastasiou, G. Konsta, K. Triperina, B. Dmitrenko, E. Panopoulou, E. Pappa, E. Thanou, Th. Mazioti, E. Lykoy, K. Kiki, B. Christodoulou, X. Giannakopoulos, A. Psyllios, G.Christakis, D.Stavros and M. Kefala

Eight Men Treading the Ground


T. Livaditis – Y. Ritsos – N. Vrettakos

May 2009, Ledra Studio

Section of Cultural Management, Department of Communication, Media and Culture

Centre of Classical Show and Drama, Panteion University

This stand is dedicated to the memory of Alexandros Grigoropoulos.


As part of the Cultural Lab on the poetry of  Yiannis Ritsos, Tasos Livaditis and Nikiforos Vrettakos, we tried to explore the spirit of the three poets, pushed by the urge to have them converse via their own poetry, composing thus a script intended to be dramatised. Using as a theatrical canvas Livaditis’s collected poems entitled Eight Men Treading the Ground, we incorporated poems and songs by Ritsos and Vrettakos, taking into account the potential, sensibility and creative worries of all of all the participants.

In the following script we tried not to betray neither the poets nor ourselves. We kept the original spelling intact and have not altered the text in favour of the dramatisation. Additionally, we chose songs from other creators with the intention to support the staging of poetry, not betraying the spirit of the poets. At least we had the best of intentions…

 Anna Mavroleon

  Professor In Charge: Yangos Andreadis

Teaching Tutor: Anna Mavroleon

Performing Advisor: Georgina Konsta

Script selection: Yangos Andreadis, Anna Mavroleon, Georgina Konsta

Script editing: Anna Mavroleon

Directing notation: Stella Vaiopoulou

Collection of photographic material: Maria Thomarey

Stage lighting: Georgia Mihopoulou

Make-up: Alexandra Tsitra

Photo-editing: Alkmini Thanou

Assistant in stage lighting: Christina Stournara

Playbill editors: Myrto Skaripa-Koukelli, Stella Vaiopoulou

Acknowledgments: We thank Jacques Belinga, sound engineer, for supplying the show with a war soundtrack, and Pepi Rigopoulou for providing us with a projector.

Cast: Stella Vaiopoulou, Myrto Velidou-Mavridou, Viki Dimitropoulou, Alkistis Efthimiou, Eleni Thanou, Maria Thomarey, Soly Iohana, Giota Konstantara, Eleni Mavropoulou, Rania Mouzakiti, Lena Mouratoglou, Iro Mpiler, Maria Mpoutzi, Valeria Dmitrenko, Marialenia Savvaidi, viv Sklavounou, Myrto Skaripa Koukelli, Artemis Soumelidou, Christina Stournara, Emilia Trapezanoglou, Eftichia Tsigka.

Singing: Myrto Velidou-Mavridou, Soly Iohana, Lena Mouratoglou, Valeria Dmitrenko.

Golden Girls

10-15 May 2010, Ledra Studio

Golden Girls occupy Panteion University and they launch their campaign to annihilate Golden Boys for good. They launch a campaign to make their dreams come true. Marketis is worried. He orders his underling, Governo, to call them to task. But nothing can really stop this coup d’etat. The pink tanks are going to demolish the gate and enter society. What is going to happen next?


A performance by the Centre of Classical Show and Drama, created spontaneously and freely on stage to turn around the contemporary political reality in order to discover the hidden truths that we feel but cannot see.

Script-Direction: Costas Mitrakas

Choreography: Constantina Daouti

Montage: Michalis Tzaris

Sets: Dimitra Gkitsa, Constantina Daouti, Lia Pappa, Costas Mitrakas

Sound editor: Dimitris Mitrakas

Stage lighting: Costas Mitrakas, Lia Pappa

Cast: Alexandra Vetta, Cleopatra Vlachou, Dimitra Gkitsa, Constantina Daouti, Evagelia Dimitriou, Gianna Koutroumpi, Georgina Konsta, Panagiotis Papanastasiou, Lia Pappa, Dragana Chehovits, Andreas Psillias.


The Ichneutae of Sophocles (Tracking Satyrs)

June  2010, Ledra Studio

Satyr drama by Sophocles describing the invention of the lyre by god Hermes. Only one third of the play survived since antiquity. The performance was the result of a seminar on Satyric Drama taught by D. Abdeliodis and was presented at the international conference ”Theatre in the Mediterranean: Places, Plays, Tradition” organized by Panteion University.

Translation – Revision: Yangos Andreadis

Direction – Choreography: Dimos Abdeliodis

Music: Vangelis Yannakis

Sets – Costumes: Maria Gerardi-Passali

Music tutoring: Xenophon Symboulidis

Assistant choreographer: Marimilli Asimakopoulou

Assistant director: Dora Neocleous, Georgios Nikopoulos, Costas Mitrakas


Xenophon Symboulidis – oboe, flutes

Yannis Venizelos  – flute

Yannis Abdeliodis – percussion, Glockenspiel

Alexandros Abdeliodis – piano

Georgios Capetanakos – flute


Apollo: Andreas Karakotas

Silenus: Georgios Nasios

Cyllene: Marina Argyridou

Hermes: Artemis Matafia

Chronos: Yannis Abdeliodis

Chorus: Alexandros Abdeliodis, Yannis Venizelos, Maria Vlachou, Sofia Delaporta, Athena Zotou, Myrto Camvysidi, Georgios Capetanakos, Chryssa Clouva, Costas Mitrakas, Georgios Nikopoulos, Danae Roussou, Xenophon Symboulidis

Secretariat: Maria Deca

Photography: Nikos Tsiatas

Video: Antonis Antonopoulos

I Love Mnimonio

I Love Μemorandum”

April 2011, Studio Ledra

Three part Musical-theatrical show

A heavily indebted family accepts the assistance of ”DNT” (Greek initials for IMF) an international philanthropic organization. The single condition is that the family members participate in the bold reality show ”All blown off” presented by Slut Channel. The case turns out to be a global scientific experiment that aims at ”adjusting” the family to civilization.

A park sweeper becomes the ”ideal Greek” as he offers his salary to the ”bicycle-boy”. The latter has come from abroad in Greece to satisfy his financial and other needs. Is the sweeper, who gave away his pay, the perfect citizen? Perhaps not…

A minister celebrates the return and integration of the Elgin Marbles. But return to where? The Acropolis Museums appears to be empty.. You know, there is that debt noted by the paper… the Memorandum.

Script, Direction: Yangos Andreadis

Music: Nikos Athanasakis

Choreography: Georgios Christakis

Masks: Stavros Bonatsos, Angy Karatza

Video: Dimitris Nakos, Andreas Papazoglou

Stage lighting: Dimos Abdeliodis


Alexandra Vetta, Evangelia Dimitriou, Pavlos Drakontaeides, Odysseas Ioannou-Konstantinou, Costas Mitrakas, Elsa Papayannopoulou, Lia Pappa, Emily Sophocli, Themis Charalampous, Vanessa Christodoulou, Dionysis Christopoulos

I Love Mnimonio 2

”Ι love Memorandum” 2, 3 and so on…

April 26-28, May 3-5 2012 Studio Ledra

The Drama Centre’s success continues as renewed as our troubles. Is anything better than a philanthropic Memorandum? Yes, a second Memorandum, even more philanthropic, that our grand-grandchildren will continue to repay. ”I love Memorandum 2” is the evolution of the freshened ”I love Memorandum”. It went on for 9 performances at Ledra Studio, as well as at the International Conference of the Audit Commission on Greek Public Debt and at Syntagma Square, where one of its famous dogs that had been barking at the troika took part as a guest star. At this play the cast includes a homeless His Excellency, his savior – who got hold of the first’s power – evil angels, who descend from the sky, and the troikans, who fly to the ”heaven” they offered us flapping their black and red wings.

Script, Direction: Yangos Andreadis

Music: Nikos Athanasakis

Choreography: Georgios Christakis

Masks: Stavros Bonatsos, Angy Karatza

Video: Dimitris Nakos, Andreas Papazoglou


Alexandra Vetta, Evangelia Dimitriou, Pavlos Drakontaeides, Maria Lekaki,  Costas Mitrakas, Alexandros Moutzouridis, Eleni Panopoulou, Elsa Papayannopoulou, Panagiotis Papanastasiou, Iouliana Rontou, Themis Charalampous, Dionysis Christopoulos

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