Burn it all (Kafta ola) (2008)

Political Cabaret for the fires of Greece in 2007

What is the relationship between Aeschylus and the Political Cabaret, between the texts of the Apocalypse and the modern Greek trash pop songs, between the fires- that literally wiped off the Greek forests in summer 2007- and Ledra studio? The Centre was inspired by the famous tragedy Agamemnon of Aeschylus; in that tragedy the message of the victory of Agamemnon at the Troyan war was sent from Troy at Asia Minor to Mycenae at the mainland of Greece using the network of bonfires which were set on mountain peaks. The centre drew inspiration from that in order to denounce the acts of arson and created a musical- dancing show which was presented, after six months of rehearsals, at Ledra. The show was presented at a time when the Centre celebrated fifteen years of activities. The title of the show was “Burn it all”(Ola kafta), directed by Yiagos Andreadis and the texts were formed on stage with everyone’s participation…
Shows: From Wednesday 28 of May until Tuesday 3 of June 2008 and they were repeated in October
Direction: Y. Andreadis, Choreography: F. Kafousias, Music: Ch. And G. Giannakopoylos, M. Belentzas, Light Design: D. Margaritis, Costume Design: A. Karatza, Video: K. Triantafyllou. Assistant Director: J. Konsta, Stage Management: K. Mitrakas, Communication: D. Grigorea, Z. Gioti
Performers: P. Gourdea, K. Mitrakas, A. Eystratoglou, P. Papanastasiou, G. Konsta, K. Triperina, B. Dmitrenko, E. Panopoulou, E. Pappa, E. Thanou, Th. Mazioti, E. Lykoy, K. Kiki, B. Christodoulou, X. Giannakopoulos, A. Psyllios, G.Christakis, D.Stavros and M. Kefala