Cavafy, 10 Lepsius Street (2006)

The poet’s house is transferred from Alexandria and coming to life for five shows in Ledra Studio in a performance entitled Cavafy, 10 Lepsius Street. The performance produced by the Centre of Classical Show and Drama (KEDRA) in text and direction by Yangos Andreadis. Music by George Papadakis and Evi Kesari and choreography by Christina Vasilopoulou and Irine Karamanoli.

The script is a collage of poems and dramatisation of biographical anecdotes from the poet’s life and his familiars. After the death of C. P. Cavafy his valet becomes the narrator who recalls in his memory incidents and figures from a time past, while the action takes place in successive eras. By the end of the show Cavafy’s verses are recited in ten different languages, as an answer to all who impugned him during his lifetime.

The cast was comprised by the student-actors of the Department of Communication, Media and Culture, Panteion University. The show was presented from the 27th until the 31st of May 2006 in Ledra Studio.

Cast: Polina Gourdea, Alice Darzentas, Irine Karamanoli, Yannis Karpetas, Kelly Kiki, Georgina Konsta, Elina Linoxylaki, Evita Lykou, Loukianos Lyritsas, Costas Mitrakas, Alexandros Moutzouridis, Fivos Nomikos, Lia Pappa, Iouliana Ronto, Kyriaki Triperina.

Guitar: Eva Kesari.

Public Relations: Zoe Gioti and Alice Therapou.