Eight Men Treading the Ground (2009)

T. Livaditis – Y. Ritsos – N. Vrettakos

May 2009, Ledra Studio

Section of Cultural Management, Department of Communication, Media and Culture

Centre of Classical Show and Drama, Panteion University

This stand is dedicated to the memory of Alexandros Grigoropoulos.

As part of the Cultural Lab on the poetry of Yiannis Ritsos, Tasos Livaditis and Nikiforos Vrettakos, we tried to explore the spirit of the three poets, pushed by the urge to have them converse via their own poetry, composing thus a script intended to be dramatised. Using as a theatrical canvas Livaditis’s collected poems entitled Eight Men Treading the Ground, we incorporated poems and songs by Ritsos and Vrettakos, taking into account the potential, sensibility and creative worries of all of all the participants.

In the following script we tried not to betray neither the poets nor ourselves. We kept the original spelling intact and have not altered the text in favour of the dramatisation. Additionally, we chose songs from other creators with the intention to support the staging of poetry, not betraying the spirit of the poets. At least we had the best of intentions…

Anna Mavroleon

Professor In Charge: Yangos Andreadis

Teaching Tutor: Anna Mavroleon

Performing Advisor: Georgina Konsta

Script selection: Yangos Andreadis, Anna Mavroleon, Georgina Konsta

Script editing: Anna Mavroleon

Directing notation: Stella Vaiopoulou

Collection of photographic material: Maria Thomarey

Stage lighting: Georgia Mihopoulou

Make-up: Alexandra Tsitra

Photo-editing: Alkmini Thanou

Assistant in stage lighting: Christina Stournara

Playbill editors: Myrto Skaripa-Koukelli, Stella Vaiopoulou

Acknowledgments: We thank Jacques Belinga, sound engineer, for supplying the show with a war soundtrack, and Pepi Rigopoulou for providing us with a projector.

Cast: Stella Vaiopoulou, Myrto Velidou-Mavridou, Viki Dimitropoulou, Alkistis Efthimiou, Eleni Thanou, Maria Thomarey, Soly Iohana, Giota Konstantara, Eleni Mavropoulou, Rania Mouzakiti, Lena Mouratoglou, Iro Mpiler, Maria Mpoutzi, Valeria Dmitrenko, Marialenia Savvaidi, viv Sklavounou, Myrto Skaripa Koukelli, Artemis Soumelidou, Christina Stournara, Emilia Trapezanoglou, Eftichia Tsigka.

Singing: Myrto Velidou-Mavridou, Soly Iohana, Lena Mouratoglou, Valeria Dmitrenko.