Golden Girls (2010)

10-15 May 2010, Ledra Studio

Golden Girls occupy Panteion University and they launch their campaign to annihilate Golden Boys for good. They launch a campaign to make their dreams come true. Marketis is worried. He orders his underling, Governo, to call them to task. But nothing can really stop this coup d’etat. The pink tanks are going to demolish the gate and enter society. What is going to happen next?

A performance by the Centre of Classical Show and Drama, created spontaneously and freely on stage to turn around the contemporary political reality in order to discover the hidden truths that we feel but cannot see.

Script-Direction: Costas Mitrakas

Choreography: Constantina Daouti

Montage: Michalis Tzaris

Sets: Dimitra Gkitsa, Constantina Daouti, Lia Pappa, Costas Mitrakas

Sound editor: Dimitris Mitrakas

Stage lighting: Costas Mitrakas, Lia Pappa

Cast: Alexandra Vetta, Cleopatra Vlachou, Dimitra Gkitsa, Constantina Daouti, Evagelia Dimitriou, Gianna Koutroumpi, Georgina Konsta, Panagiotis Papanastasiou, Lia Pappa, Dragana Chehovits, Andreas Psillias.