I Love Μemorandum (2011)

April 2011, Studio Ledra

Three part Musical-theatrical show

A heavily indebted family accepts the assistance of ”DNT” (Greek initials for IMF) an international philanthropic organization. The single condition is that the family members participate in the bold reality show ”All blown off” presented by Slut Channel. The case turns out to be a global scientific experiment that aims at ”adjusting” the family to civilization.

A park sweeper becomes the ”ideal Greek” as he offers his salary to the ”bicycle-boy”. The latter has come from abroad in Greece to satisfy his financial and other needs. Is the sweeper, who gave away his pay, the perfect citizen? Perhaps not…

A minister celebrates the return and integration of the Elgin Marbles. But return to where? The Acropolis Museums appears to be empty.. You know, there is that debt noted by the paper… the Memorandum.

Script, Direction: Yangos Andreadis

Music: Nikos Athanasakis

Choreography: Georgios Christakis

Masks: Stavros Bonatsos, Angy Karatza

Video: Dimitris Nakos, Andreas Papazoglou

Stage lighting: Dimos Abdeliodis


Alexandra Vetta, Evangelia Dimitriou, Pavlos Drakontaeides, Odysseas Ioannou-Konstantinou, Costas Mitrakas, Elsa Papayannopoulou, Lia Pappa, Emily Sophocli, Themis Charalampous, Vanessa Christodoulou, Dionysis Christopoulos