Oh, my murderer! (Ach, dolofone mou!) (2007)

Set in a dreamtown in the 60’s. A series of murders has caused trouble in town. Eddy (it has the same pronunciation like the first component of the name Oedipus, Oedi-pus) is an ambitious journalist who is trying to trace the murderer that might be himself. Or at least this is what alluring Joshy and the dark voodoo priestess Mama Jemaya are afraid of. The media manager Laius and the corrupted inspector Kraions have a different opinion while Dark Angel, who wants to control drugs, prostitution and gambling, doesn’t reveal what she thinks about the case. And we definitely can’t rely on what Sibylla and Pythia, two charming and determined anchorwomen of two competitive tv channels, believe . Later on more characters join in, like the journalist of the tabloid newspaper “The Dagger”, Puertoricans loyal to Mama Sphinx, cops, informers and the female dancers who will perform “Destiny” and “Don’t kill me”, two of the most popular tunes in town. Is the play about an unknown American town called “Dreamtown” or is it about the city of Athens of 2003? The answer was found by the audience when this musical show ( which is related tothe original ancient play “Oedipus Rex”) was presented for the first time by the Centre of Classical Drama and Show at Ledra studio. The script and the direction of the show were conducted by the Head of the Centre Dr. Yiagos Andreadis, music by Stamatis Moustakas, set design by Stavros Bonatsos, costume design by Angie Karatza, movement by Fanis Kafousias, light design by Demos Abdeliotis and Dimitris Margaritis. The shows lasted from Saturday, 9 of June 2003 until Thursday , 14 of June 2007 and they were presented again in October 2007.