The Decadent Dervish (2013)

One of Alexandros Papadiamantis’s Athenian short stories, published in 1896, it recounts the awkward presence of a Muslim dervish in 19th century Athens, during a period of martial tension between Greece and the Ottoman Empire. The dervish wanders in the centre of Athens, playing his ney (a wind musical instrument), singing for a living and to help other poor people. He is, however, not welcome by the locals, ending up impoverished and struggling to survive. His music, which carries ancient Greek tunes deep within its roots, is deemed by Greek people so foreign as the dervish himself. This story, openly discussing matters of poverty and identity issues, has been connected to the current financial crisis in Greece and Europe in general, and presented during the European Sifnos Crisis programme, in Sifnos Cultural Centre, on 13 July 2013.

Text editing/Direction: Yangos Andreadis

Starring: Alexandra Vetta, Clare Litsi, Alexandros Moutzouridis, Elsa Papagiannopoulou, Elisabeth Papoutsani, Dionisis Christopoulos

And the Musicians: Spiros Lempesis (violin), Maria Apostolidi (flute), Yannis Trihas (lute)