The Ichneutae of Sophocles (Tracking Satyrs) (2010)

June 2010, Ledra Studio

Satyr drama by Sophocles describing the invention of the lyre by god Hermes. Only one third of the play survived since antiquity. The performance was the result of a seminar on Satyric Drama taught by D. Abdeliodis and was presented at the international conference ”Theatre in the Mediterranean: Places, Plays, Tradition” organized by Panteion University.

Translation – Revision: Yangos Andreadis

Direction – Choreography: Dimos Abdeliodis

Music: Vangelis Yannakis

Sets – Costumes: Maria Gerardi-Passali

Music tutoring: Xenophon Symboulidis

Assistant choreographer: Marimilli Asimakopoulou

Assistant director: Dora Neocleous, Georgios Nikopoulos, Costas Mitrakas


Xenophon Symboulidis – oboe, flutes

Yannis Venizelos – flute

Yannis Abdeliodis – percussion, Glockenspiel

Alexandros Abdeliodis – piano

Georgios Capetanakos – flute


Apollo: Andreas Karakotas

Silenus: Georgios Nasios

Cyllene: Marina Argyridou

Hermes: Artemis Matafia

Chronos: Yannis Abdeliodis

Chorus: Alexandros Abdeliodis, Yannis Venizelos, Maria Vlachou, Sofia Delaporta, Athena Zotou, Myrto Camvysidi, Georgios Capetanakos, Chryssa Clouva, Costas Mitrakas, Georgios Nikopoulos, Danae Roussou, Xenophon Symboulidis

Secretariat: Maria Deca

Photography: Nikos Tsiatas

Video: Antonis Antonopoulos